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Jewish Dating Sites for Seniors: Which Dating Site Should You Use?

☀︎Affiliate Statement: The services and products that I may link in this article are ones that I use myself and am proud to recommend. If you follow one of my links please be aware that I will receive a small commission from Amazon or other vendors. I’d also like to say a big Thank You for your trust if you do.


Whether through a dating site or a mobile app, online dating has been a venue for forging long-term relationships in the past decade. Even more mature people can still find love through the best senior dating sites.

For Jewish singles, though, the dating pool can be smaller.

Having gone through the same challenge, I have here the best Jewish dating sites specifically for seniors to find their special Jewish man or woman to meet online.

Read on for more information and give love, or maybe companionship, a try.

Advantages of Jewish Dating Sites for Seniors

A Jewish single man or woman often visits the best Jewish dating sites. If you haven’t tried them, the following could be your reasons to sign up.

Opportunity to Connect with Other Jewish Seniors

With the best Jewish dating sites, you don’t have to attend tiresome social events to meet other Jewish people. These platforms include Jewish members of various backgrounds and personalities, giving you a higher probability of finding your compatible match.

Access to a Variety of Different Dating Services

Regarding matchmaking, Jewish dating sites don’t force you to meet in person. They don’t limit you to the traditional way of getting to know another Jewish person.

Jewish dating apps and sites give you access to communication channels and other social media features to gauge your compatibility with potential matches.

Increased Chances of Meeting Compatible Partners

You don’t have to get to know every member of Jewish dating sites. These platforms have algorithm-based matching features to filter your possible matches depending on your personality and interests.

What Are the 6 Best Jewish Dating Sites to Use?

Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the top Jewish dating sites I’ve tried to help make online dating a breeze for you.

1. Jdate – Best Overall



No doubt, Jdate is the best Jewish dating site overall. You don’t have to be Jewish to use this Jewish dating site, but it offers many features tailored for Jewish singles.

Since 1997, it has established many successful long-term relationships with its Jewish members.

Unlike other Jewish dating sites, Jdate is available in five languages. If you’re a non-English-speaking Jew, language won’t hinder finding love.

If you’ve tried Jewish Friend Finder or Jewish Cafe, you might want to upgrade your online dating experience with Jdate.

Its free membership is an attractive option. You can create a profile, post photos, receive a daily match email, and search the database to find Jewish singles in your area.

When I used this online dating service, I liked how it was designed for Jewish singles, but you’re not limited to Jewish partners. It opens preferences for Gentiles, including the Christian denomination, as well.

Aside from information and interests, there’s a section about religion in the registration process. Here, you can specify your denomination from Hasidic to culturally Jewish, synagogue attendance, and whether you observe Kashrut.

Even though Jdate has free and paid memberships, you can only access its communication channels if you avail of the premium membership.

Despite this, I find the paid membership worth it. Send messages, receive messages, access the photos of other members, hide your online status, browse anonymously, view read receipts, and see who likes or visits your page. All these are possible here.

It’s surely no mystery why many Jewish singles turn to this online dating service, even if it means paying for a premium membership.


  • Most used by Jewish singles, among other platforms
  • Platforms are user-friendly
  • Features filter specific to the Jewish culture


  • Requires paid subscription to communicate with matches

2. Silver Singles – Best Value

image 50


  • Accessibility: Site and app
  • Subscriptions: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months
  • Website Source: Silver Singles
  • Android App: Silver Singles for Android
  • Apple App: Silver Singles for Apple

Many dating sites have a wide network of Jewish people and other members. After all, a wider network can produce more potential matches. However, this can be a waste of time, especially if looking into a specific age group.

Thankfully, there’s not much to filter out with Silver Singles because it’s exclusive for people over 50 years old.

It’s not exclusive to Jewish singles, but you can indicate a preference for Jewish matches.

You don’t have to put much effort into reading every profile. This Jewish dating service provides algorithm-backed daily suggestions to save time and effort.

If Jdate can filter potential matches by Jewish cultural practices, this can filter Jewish matches with other safety and convenience factors. This avoids fake profiles and scams common to other niche Jewish dating sites.

After discovering this, I was glad to gain peace of mind knowing that I could safely meet Jewish singles here.

This site doesn’t offer month-to-month membership. But if you prefer serious relationships over casual dating, it will be easy to find Jewish singles with the same perspective.


  • More exclusive to members at least 50 years old than Jdate
  • Provides daily match suggestions
  • Features security filters for safe online dating


  • It doesn’t offer month-to-month membership

3. Jswipe – Best App

image 54


If you’re an on-the-go single Jewish senior, you’ll surely enjoy the best dating app, as I did.

Even if this dating platform is available as an app only, all its resources are put to good use with how easy and fun it is to use the app. You can easily connect with other Jewish singles on your lunch break or at the beach.

When I used this dating app, it reminded me of Tinder but with a Jewish twist. It features a lot of religious symbols and even displays the phrase “Mazel tov!” when you find a match.

The bad news for single senior Jews is that the free account of this dating app only has limited functionality.

The good news is this: options for paid subscriptions start from 1 month with options for 3 and 6 months. With this, you can avail more features and try this dating app out for a shorter term if you want to experience the feel of it.


  • Easier to use than Jwed
  • The design incorporates the Jewish culture
  • Offers 1-month subscriptions


  • The free version has limited features

4. Elite Singles – Best Quality

image 52


  • Accessibility: Site and app
  • Subscriptions: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months
  • Website Source: Elite Singles
  • Android App: Elite Singles for Android
  • Apple App: Elite Singles for Apple

From the same developers as Silver Singles comes Elite Singles. For me, it’s the best Jewish dating site for exclusivity.

90% of its members acquired an above-average education level. This makes it perfect for Jewish seniors looking for a serious relationship while keeping in mind educational preferences.

Very much like Silver Singles, Elite Singles has the same features when it comes to its fraud detection system. It requires manual profile verification to prevent scams.

It was perfect timing when I used this platform because I was busy then. Since its other Jewish members are also busy professionals, I interacted with people sharing the same priorities.

Like Jdate, you won’t be able to communicate with matches, view photos, and check read receipts unless you get a premium membership.

However, an addition to these is mobile app access. It’s only available for premium members. This is a downside for me because some people do not have time to access the site, so they may feel pressured to pay for membership access to the app feature.

Call this a marketing strategy of the developers, but I think it’s something they should reconsider.


  • Prioritizes quality over quantity more than Jdate
  • Features a fraud detection system
  • Great for Jewish singles looking for serious relationships


  • App accessibility is only for a premium membership like Elite Singles

5. eHarmony – Best Community

image 55


Harmony has been in existence for more than 20 years. This is why its dating site and app are easy to navigate.

It has maintained a high success rate in creating compatible matches of various faiths. Aside from Jewish and Senior Dating, it offers Asian, Black, Christian, Latin, and Local dating.

Its network has a close to one-is-to-one gender ratio, so it won’t be difficult for single Jewish seniors to find the right one for them.

When I signed up, I was skeptical because of its wide network. I later discovered that it’s backed by a compatibility matching system to ensure quality matches.

Jewish singles only have to answer the compatibility and personality assessment. This leads them to a select group of compatible matches with whom they can build a serious relationship.

However, its paid subscriptions have longer terms of either 6, 12, or 24 months. But unlike other dating sites, Jewish seniors can access limited messaging without a paid membership.


  • More registered users than Silver Singles
  • Features a compatibility matching system
  • Platforms are user-friendly


  • Paid memberships have longer terms than Jswipe

6. Jwed – Best Traditional Matchmaker

image 53


Are you well-versed in the Jewish dating culture? If you are, it’s not news that traditional Jewish matchmaking is geared toward marriage.

Jwed is a marriage service for Jewish singles looking for partners of the same mindset or at least a long-term relationship. If you’re only here to date, this platform may not be for you.

Drawing from my experience, I thought the dating community would be small. But I learned that the developers acquired the 100%-free Supertova, whose members migrated to Jwed.

This Jewish dating site costs less than Jdate but has fewer features. However, Jwed offers profile writing tutorials and dating coaching for top-paying Jewish singles.

But Jwed is unlike other Jewish dating sites that allow members who are not Jewish as long as they are open to converting. This dating platform is strictly for Jews only. It even requires you to submit proof of your Jewish faith.

This can be a good or bad thing. Those who only want to find a Jewish match can greatly benefit.


  • Geared toward traditional matchmaking more than eHarmony
  • Ideal for Jewish singles looking for serious relationships
  • Has profile writing and dating coaching


  • Jews-only dating site, unlike Jdate

Tips for Finding Success on Jewish Dating Sites for Seniors

Source: Aging

It’s not enough that you choose the best dating site. If you want my advice, here are tips to help you get the most out of the dating site that you choose:

Develop an Engaging Profile

Make a good first impression. Remember that your profile is what other Jewish singles see first. Like you, they can easily judge a person by their profile. You’d want to keep yours interesting without going overboard.

Utilize the Advanced Search Features

Jewish dating sites offer many features to narrow the pool of Jewish singles according to your preferences. Take advantage of these features so you don’t waste time getting to know someone you won’t be compatible with.

Be Respectful and Genuine

Get a better idea of what you’re looking for in a potential match. Be true to yourself. Respectfully decline those who show interest in you if you’re not interested in them.

What Does the Jewish Dating Culture Look Like?

To succeed in Jewish dating sites, you should also know about the Jewish dating culture. Keep these in mind if you want to go into the Jewish dating scene:

  • Marriage matters to Jewish singles. The Jewish culture places high importance on family. If you’re not looking for serious relationships, I suggest you look elsewhere.
  • Jews value Judaism. Jewish men and women often marry within their denomination. Levels of devotion may vary, but similar beliefs help create lasting relationships.
  • Discussing religion isn’t taboo. It’s okay to talk about religion. Jewish singles give it high regard. This is why the top dating sites feature filters based on Jewish practices.
  • Jewish people may have different views on physical contact. Some think physical contact is only allowed after marriage, while some are open to it.

What Should You Use, Jewish Dating Sites or Dating Apps?

If you’re new to all these terms, I understand. I was in your shoes, too.

Think of Jewish dating sites as your typical website. You can access them using your web browser from your computer or phone.

On the other hand, Jewish dating apps are software applications you download on your phone from the Apple app store or Google Play store. They are designed specifically for mobile use.

Fortunately, the best Jewish dating apps have site options and vice versa in this time and age. Depending on your convenience, you can switch from one medium to another with one membership.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Haven’t answered your questions yet? I’ve answered commonly asked questions to save you the trouble of searching further for answers.

Are There Any Totally Free Jewish Dating Sites?

Yes, there are, but they may not be worth your time.

Many free Jewish dating sites have been short-lived. The best Jewish dating sites have persisted because of paid subscriptions. The good news is that they usually offer free trials for you to test the waters.

Are There Dating Sites for 70-Year-Olds?

Yes, there are!

It’s never too late. The best dating sites usually have a minimum age requirement only. These sites are open to 70-year-old singles.

Are Jewish Dating Sites Worth Their Cost?

Yes, they are.

The best dating sites have high success rates because of their paid features. They are worth their cost because they allow you to find someone with the same level of commitment and preferences.

Final Thoughts on the best Jewish Dating Sites and Apps

The best Jewish dating site for you is the one that caters to your convenience and preferences.

Jewish dating platforms for seniors set the stage for you to find a compatible partner. Ultimately, maximizing their features is up to you to find the right Jewish partner for you.

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