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Matchmaking for Seniors and Mature Adults

Matchmaking for Seniors and Mature Adults

 “A smile is always the best form of introduction.” —quote from an unknown romantic

Do you dread being online and online dating? Do you feel like you MUST engage in texting and emails, looking at a screen to meet your next true love? What if there were something different you could do to meet someone you are compatible with and attracted to?


Some savvy, sexy seniors and Sunset Soulmates are turning their backs on modern online dating, those impersonal apps, and all that “swiping,” (or being swiped). They are returning to the old-fashioned way of doing things, but with a discreet, private twist: they are hiring a personal, exclusive matchmaker to make introductions. They are hiring a personal matchmaker to handle many aspects of their love lives.

Exclusive Matchmakers for Seniors and Mature Adults

Exclusive matchmakers typically work on a very one-on-one, highly personalized basis to provide everything to their matchmaking clients— from creating attractive written profiles and descriptions to highlight their client’s special qualities, to engineering professional photoshoots (to showcase their clients at their best), to combining through their database of eligible seniors to engineer those first, all-important customized intros.
A private, bespoke and exclusive matchmaker can also act as a concierge for the arrangement of first dates, suggesting places or activities their members may enjoy, based on their characters, interests and chemistry. Modern day matchmakers also act as a “go-between” to help assess the success (or failure) of a date, and to help daters communicate afterwards without awkwardness.


Several high end matchmakers are also providing additional services beyond introductions – like dating coaching, personal makeovers and psychological therapy for those who may need a bit more psychological preparation before meeting a new match.

All this service and personalization usually comes at a price, of course (and well worth it to some!). In some cases, female members can be included in the databases for free, if they pass a screening for eligibility with the chosen matchmaker. In some cases, both male and female matchmakers’ clients pay a membership fee, anywhere from a few hundred dollars…up to rather shocking and exorbitant fees (which may be well-worth if you meet the love of your life!). These fees may guarantee a worldwide search and/or a certain number of introductions across a span of time, say a year to eighteen months.
In our articles on the world’s top personal matchmakers, we dissect the process, the providers, the players, and any specialists in senior dating or making matches for specific types of clients (i.e. gay, or living in the UK countryside, etc.).
Here’s to us Sunset Soulmates being struck by Cupid’s Arrows! (Or hiring a talented matchmaker to engineer it for us!). Interested in less personalized options, like online dating for seniors?

The Best Dating Sites Just For Seniors and Mature Adults


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