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Senior Love, Relationships, Friendships and Intimacy

What can you learn here about senior love, sex, friendship and relationships?


Obviously, our website is titled Sunset Soulmate…and our savvy, sexy seniors have got to know that we are passionate about the topics of dating, finding love, keeping love, making love and making friends. How do seniors find and maintain new friendships, romantic partnerships and loving relationships? These are all at the top of our (internet) mind!

Did you know that an initiative in the UK called “The Campaign To End Loneliness” found that chronic loneliness among seniors can be as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!

To that end, we’ve got an amazing online collection of articles, insights and shared stories dedicated to exploring the world of senior dating, senior love, senior sex, and senior friendships and relationships. From the topics of expanding your social life to find platonic companionship and friendships…to the sensual nuances of finding a lover for senior sex, cuddling and coupling…we invite you to read on.

We all agree that romance and attraction do NOT have an age limit. Whether you’re a seasoned but sweet seducer developing a torrid reputation in your community for flirting shamelessly. OR you’re a wide-eyed neophyte returning to dating for the first time in decades (or for some it may feel like eons!) our collection of articles is sprinkled with knowledge and the spice of life.

We are as curious as you are: about the world of senior dating websites and apps because finding love means first meeting your ideal (or near ideal) mate. Therefore, we’ve taken the time to explore the pros and cons of each senior online dating platform (as well as ideas for meeting in real life!). We provide practical and philosophical counsel for finding love and friendships online and keeping it going offline.

Senior Love, Relationships, Friendship and Intimacy Categories

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