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From Online Dating To Real Life Dates

How do you go from online dating to real life dates?


“Luck isn’t for the chosen few, it’s the residue of design. It’s created through conscious, intentional focus and clarity – and by being willing to make choices that support rather than subtract from your intended outcome.” — Stephanie Pollack 

Or..How to meet someone to date in real life?

Making that jump from the impersonal screens and apps of online dating…to the joyful establishment of a real life romance requires effective communication skills, patience for the process, and downright luck from dear Cupid. But Sunset Soulmates know how to create their own love luck! (And if they don’t, they certainly will after reading through this site!)


In our section on “Online Dating to Real Life” below, our articles explore the stories of what wonderful things can happen when mature romantics and savvy sexy seniors either a) take on the latest in dating technology to meet the next great love of their life…or b) meet someone live and in person. We also cover more specific topics like profile writing, texting etiquette, and How to Go Offline for Real Life Romance. Need some tips and tricks or do’s and don’ts for dating again?

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