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Travel: Slow Travel for Seniors and Long Stay Experiences

Slow Travel For Seniors: Long Stay and Extended Travel Experiences for Mature Adults


Some Sunset Soulmates in their silver and golden years are seeking out long-term, long stay travel experiences that allow them to truly immerse themselves in a destination. This is slow travel for seniors.

Long stay travel experiences, such as monthly vacation rentals like airbnb, housesitting and pet-sitting gigs, and residential hotels offering seasonal rentals, are becoming more popular among seniors. These types of accommodations allow later-in-life travelers to stay in one place for an extended period, giving them the opportunity to get to know the local community. There is the possibility to form new friendships and truly feel at home in a foreign place—and in some cases, even immerse themselves in learning the local language.

Please see our article collection below on the myriad of long stay travel options and inspirations for seniors seeking a slower pace of travel that offers the full immersion in a destination.

What is the slow travel concept?

Slow travel, or traveling at a leisurely pace with a focus on experiencing a destination rather than rushing from place to place, is especially well-suited to savvy, sexy seniors. For someone who is a bonified world traveler (but who no longer want the buzz of hotels) a long stay in a comfortable home with kitchen facilities could be one of the best trips for seniors over 60. And one of the best trips for seniors over 70 could well be a luxury villa rental that might be booked with additional help for grocery shopping and food preparation.

Rather than feeling the pressure to check off a list of tourist attractions in rapid fashion, slow stays allow mature travelers to take their time and savor each and every experience. Traveling with a long stay home base can be particularly beneficial for older adults, who may have physical limitations or simply prefer to space out flights to avoid too much airline travel.

Long stay accommodations in desirable destinations also offer practical advantages. Staying in a vacation rental or residential hotel often provides more space and comfort than a traditional hotel room. And the amenities can be staggering—including access to fitness centers, heated pools, package delivery, concierge services and other options. Many vacation rentals also offer the ability to cook meals at home, which can save money on restaurants and allow travelers to maintain a healthy diet.

Long stay travel experiences can also be more affordable than traditional travel options. Monthly vacation rentals, housesitting and pet-sitting gigs, and residential hotels offering seasonal rentals are often priced competitively, especially when compared to the cost of a long hotel stay. Additionally, this form of travel often involves fewer transportation expenses, as travelers can walk or take public transportation instead of renting a car, Uber or taking taxis.

Would you prefer an elegant, amazing train journey or train trip instead? Are you an active walker who prefers to walk rather than stay in one place?

Please see our content below on how older adults can take advantage of these long stay travel opportunities to truly immerse themselves in a destination, possibly forming lasting friendships, and creating unforgettable memories in the silver and golden years.

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