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Strategic Rebranding and Acquisition Announcement

January 7, 2024 – Palm Beach, Florida

Sunset-Soulmates-Logo, (formerly known as is a content website dedicated to exploring the topics of senior citizen dating, mature relationships and optimized lifestyle.

In June, 2023 was happy to announce its acquisition of the domain name, which was home to an engaging website about modern dating and relationships. The acquisition was mediated by

In alignment with our rebranding strategy, we are delighted to now inform you that has successfully acquired the domain, formerly included in the assets of

The strategic acquisition of this domain name is a great opportunity to build upon the former site’s topical relevance in the dating niche. With this domain name acquisition, aims to expand upon the same subject matter but with an emphasis on reducing loneliness in senior citizens and the elderly.

SunsetSoulmates offers specialized content in topics of interest to mature adults, namely: socializing and meeting new friends in later years, finding love and companionship, romance and friendship, and encouraging and supporting retirees in leading a life of well-being, positivity, travel and new adventures.

Expansion plans include a safe, exclusive, screened online (and offline) community as well as an upscale and easy-to-use matchmaking website dedicated to sexy, savvy seniors seeking new friends, social outings and introductions to appropriate romantic partners.

About Domain Acquisition was an entertaining and insightful, often humorous blog with posts written by its founder as well as guest authors. The blog posts covered a myriad of topics related to online and offline dating, the challenges of meeting people and maintaining relationships in New York City, as well as gender equality issues, societal norms and expectations of sexuality, and many more topics related to love, sex, dating, and relationships.

About (formerly is a lively and colorful content website focused on providing information, resources and directories to “seniors” and mature adults (over the age of 50). Its chief focus is on the topics of love, romance, dating, and positive wellness, lifestyle and travel activities for single and coupled seniors. is founded by Rebecca K., a mature adult focused on creating an online and offline organization where providing information, promoting friendships and romantic experiences and well-being for the aging population is first and foremost. SunsetSoulmates, through its acquisitions and partnerships, creates and supports the creation of friendships, companionship and romantic options among retirees, senior citizens and mature adults.

The founder as well as the entire team behind is thrilled to make this announcement of the rebranding from a site formely known as as well as the inclusion of in its acquisition activities.