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Dating Over 50: A Guide on When to Kiss in a New Relationship

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In dating, one of the most anticipated things is the first kiss. But it gets complicated once men and women reach the golden age.

Different questions will indeed cross your mind, such as: Is this the right time to kiss, or should I wait for the perfect time?

Weighing things out regarding the first kiss, including your kissing skills and other implications, needs to be discussed to get grooving in the dating world of this advanced age group.

Don’t worry, as we’ll be discussing when to kiss and what you need to know when dating someone over 50 years old in this article. Let’s get started!

When is the Right Time to Kiss While Dating Over 50?


You may wonder about the right time to kiss – is it just after one date or the second date? 

Although it may seem like just a kiss, it is still considered an act that requires considerable thought as it can make or break a new relationship or romance between you and another person.

Before kissing your potential partner, you must carefully consider different factors and ways to initiate a kiss. The good thing is we have everything covered in this section.

A. Considerations in Deciding When to Kiss

When you first contemplate kissing your date, the most important thing is to assess boundaries, comfort level, and mutual attraction or romance. 

Here’s a discussion on how you can do all these!

  • Respect Boundaries
    Always respect the boundaries set by your date. It may be just a kiss for you, but it may be a big deal for others, men or women, even if you’re not young anymore.
    Some people in this age range want to take things slow because they may have difficulty moving on from a failed relationship or lack dating experience.
    Most of the time, you’ll learn their physical boundaries by their body language or if they expressly communicate these things on the best dating sites for over 50 through their profiles. It would be best if they told you upfront.

PRO TIP: If you’re a senior, the best senior dating sites will allow you to be specific when setting and announcing boundaries.

  • Comfort Level
    Aside from boundaries, you must also assess how comfortable you are with each other. It can be observed through physical intimacy on the first date or a few dates after.
    How comfortable you are in terms of physical familiarity can manifest in how you cuddle, hold hands, and how tight your hugs can be, not just your willingness to have sex.
    It depends on how you and your date feel about each other, and it is up to you as a couple to weigh things out.
  • Mutual Attraction
    Of course, you cannot just kiss another without first gaining their consent. You’ll need to wait until you can confirm mutual attraction between you.
    You can tell if you are both mutually attracted through prolonged eye contact, blushing when talking, and openly conversing about your feelings.

B. Ways to Initiate a Kiss

Now that you know the factors to consider before you kiss your new partner on the first date (or second date), knowing how to initiate is also vital on the dating scene.

  • Gauge Interest
    First, gauge if your potential date is interested in kissing on the first date. You can tell by how they move, their personality, and if they look at your lips while you talk.
    Older singles can show interest by closing the physical gap, flirting, or caressing your arms and back.
  • Setting Up the Moment
    Second, after concluding that it is appropriate to kiss someone after one date is appropriate, set the moment.
    Do it by changing the tone of your voice, pronouncing every word slowly, leaning closer, and gently caressing some parts of their body, like their arms or face.
    Ensure the simple kiss you initiate while dating will leave an excellent first impression.
    Remember that a bad first kiss on the first date can halt your dating experience or make the second date very awkward.
  • Verbal Cues
    The third way to initiate it while dating is to ask the person to kiss you or if they want to be kissed. This act will make the other feel respected by asking for their consent.
    But, if you are not that confident, you can make your date read between the lines by talking and asking their opinion about kissing on the first date.

REMEMBER: It is also good to know the senior dating do’s and don’ts on online dating sites and in person.

Should You Kiss on the First Date?

Yes, you can kiss on the first date, but it will depend on the following factors, including the following, and may vary from case to case:

  • The rules you and your partner live up to;
  • Beliefs in life learned through your conversations;
  • The comfort with each other’s company; 
  • You and your partner’s own needs; and
  • The mutual attraction

Before initiating a kiss, always remember three things: consent, respect, and boundaries.

Benefits of Kissing in Dating Over 50

You may wonder whether these worries and preparations for kissing on the first date are worth the fuss. 

Well, kissing when dating over 50 has its perks. As your resident relationship expert, we’ve listed some below.

A Sense of Intimacy

Sharing emotions with a new or long-term partner is essential to elevate and maintain your intimate relationship. 

One of the best ways to put that into action is by kissing when dating (the other is through sex).

Aside from the verbal exchange of feelings with like-minded people, your lips can say much without talking, such as how much you care about your partner.

Sometimes, some people’s way of showing their love and affection, and vice versa, is through physical touch, including sharing a kiss.

Strengthens the Relationship

Going for your first kiss does more than kick your relationship up a notch; it also deals with the scientific side of our lives.

When you kiss while dating, you can physically strengthen the relationship as it influences the production of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. 

Based on research, it can be beneficial health-wise as it relieves stress and improves your satisfaction with the relationship.

So, the more you feel good cognitively, emotionally, and physically, the better you feel about how the relationship works and your perception of your partner.

Increases Feelings of Attraction

When kissing your new or long-term partner, your brain releases the natural hormone oxytocin. 

A study shows that through oxytocin, men in committed relationships can be more attracted to the other individual (e.g., women), making it highly possible for them to stay loyal.

Tips for a Successful Kiss

If you want to leave a good first impression through a successful first kiss, you must be conscious of how you pile on the romance through the said kiss. 

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Make Eye Contact
    First, focus on your other half by looking into their eyes. Being nervous is normal, but make sure your partner can feel comfortable and excited through eye contact.
  • Show Affection
    Second, remember to show your affection. You can do this by complimenting your partner, holding their hands, or orally expressing your passion for sharing a kiss.
  • Be Gentle
    Lastly, don’t forget to be gentle, especially in the following situations:
    • If it’s your first time seeing them in person after meeting through a dating app
    • If it’s your partner’s first kiss at 50 and above, perhaps after a long absence of kissing and romance in their life.
  • Always be gentle, and don’t hurt your partner by ruining their first kiss and date after a divorce or a failed relationship.


The dating advice does not stop with tips for a successful kiss; it also involves answering some of your FAQs through this section.

Is the First Kiss Important?

Yes, the first kissing experience in a relationship is essential as it becomes a sweet memory that you can look back on when you try to find a sign or decide whether this partner is the one.

A good first kiss can also be a fun story to tell your family and friends when you decide to settle or want to reminisce about your days of dating over 50.

Where to Find Love and Meet Older Singles Over 50?

You can find love and like-minded people and meet singles over 50 through the best online sites for dating, speed dating for seniors, social events, or volunteering at outreach programs.

Final Thoughts Before We Kiss Goodbye…

Being an adult over 50 shouldn’t hinder you from dating or showing affection by kissing your potential other half. After all, it’s your life and your decisions that should rule your world. 

But, you must consider when it is appropriate to kiss, among other factors. You indeed have all the helpful information after reading this article.

Now, date, don’t rush things, wait for consent, get nervous and excited, kiss, have fun, and of course, lead a happy and healthy romantic life!

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