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Blissful Cruises for Seniors on Small Ships

Intimate Cruises for Seniors on Small Ships and River Cruises offer All the Advantages


Sunset Soulmates like us are always looking for blissfully romantic ways to travel. The concept of intimate, small cruises for seniors has become the antidote to larger cruise ships where noise, partying and herding can dampen the romance factor.

River cruises, luxury barging, and small cruise ships offer seniors an intimate, beautiful option for comfortable travel.

Smaller cruise ships, shared yachts, barge travel, river boats and other smaller vessels, which provide an intimate and personalized experience for passengers, can be an amazingly romantic way to see the world. Several boutique travel agencies specialize in booking small cruise ship travel, luxury cruises with less than fifty passengers and the more luxurious offerings of yacht charters.

Please see our article library below where we highlight the smaller cruising opportunities in many destinations, customized cruising experiences and the best-of-the-best ideas for your next small cruise ship experience.

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If you’ve got a few best friends who’d like to “share a barge” for a beautiful cruise in France, do consider Belmond’s lovely fleet of luxury river barges that can accommodate 6-12 guests. I can’t think of a more memorable journey than one of these shared cruises for seniors over 70. Beautiful cruising, a gathering of friends and delicious meals…what could be better than a “destination” trip (or wedding!) aboard one of these.

Intimate cruises for seniors over 60 is one of the best ideas. It allows the opportunity to visit more secluded places that are not accessible by larger cruise ships. This means that seniors can explore all those hidden gems, islands or destinations. Additionally, the smaller size of the ships allows for a more personalized experience with fewer passengers, creating a more rarified and luxurious atmosphere on board. Some cruise and tour operators may offer cruises for seniors only.

Are there cruises for the elderly?

Of course! Cruising is most ideal for elderly and there are some cruises for seniors with limited mobility. The intimate nature of cruising with small groups offers seniors a great opportunity to socialize and connect with like-minded, similar-in-age individuals who share a love of travel. The small group size enables passengers to form meaningful connections. And for seniors who are traveling solo, this type of cruise can be an ideal way to meet new people and make new friends…and romantic partners.

Imagine exploring the wild beauty of the Galapagos Islands from a beautifully-appointed luxury vessel…to discovering the charming towns of the French countryside along the Seine River, or the atmospheric Nile River. Some cruises may provide a more immersive experience for passengers, with local cultural seminars or expert guides who will lecture on the history of the areas to be visited.

Many of the smaller cruise ships offer a higher more luxurious level of service and amenities than larger vessels. With fewer passengers to cater to, the crew can provide a more personalized service and attend to individual needs more effectively. Smaller, more nimble ships often offer more spacious cabins, gourmet dining options, and a range of onboard activities and entertainment.

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